Private Pool Villa

The area of about 200 square wah with a  two storey house. The size of the house is about 500 square meters, 4-5 bedrooms, 5-6 bathrooms, 4 cars parking with private swimming pool.

Starting Price 35 MB
Quantity 9 Unit

modern barn typeA

Modern barn ,1 storey houe on 85-95 sq.wah land size. Useable space around 292 sqm. , 3 bed rooms ,3 bath rooms.with private swimming pool and backyard garden.

  All space was well designed to support senior livings.

Quantity 8 Unit

modern barn typeB

Land area around 95 sq.wah .Modern barn style 2 storey house with useable space around 292 sqm.,3 bed rooms and 3 bath rooms.

  Universal designed on all space to support senior livings.

Quantity 6 Unit