Wellness Health Centre

Wellness Clinic is a service center. Elderly Medicine And anti-aging medicine Through programs such as:

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Anti Aging Program

By physical examination by a doctor. And laboratory tests. To evaluate for body conditioning. And the mind with programs such as nutrition, exercise. Antioxidant Food

Includes 3 days and 2 nights accommodation.

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Hormone Balance Program

By physical examination by a doctor. And important hormonal measurements include other tests. Laboratory To analyze the value of the key hormonal treatment to balance.

Includes 3 days 2 nights

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Programs for Metabolic Syndrome

Physical examination And risk analysis. Metabolic syndrome, which includes obesity. High blood fat Hypertension, diabetes, as well as complications such as kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure, memory and brain function. Bones and joints To design appropriate programs to adjust life style such as nutrition, exercise. Vitamin and mineral supplements Including liver and kidney adjustment (Detoxification).

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Strength Program

It is a program for strengthening the musculoskeletal muscles by counseling by specialists such as physiotherapists and fitness trainers for the preparation. And proper exercise. Include appropriate nutrition.

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Weight control Program

Is an analytical program. And nutritional design Or nutritional therapy Appetite control Burns and uses energy By using dietary supplements.

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Detox programe

For the accumulation of toxins in the body. With physical examination by the doctor. And laboratory tests To select appropriate methods to eliminate toxins such as the use of chelation therapy or herbal supplements.

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The cause of diabetes. Or chronic arteries. And Alzheimer's dementia. Physical examination And laboratory tests. To plan for integrative treatments, both the use of the drug treatment. Pathological rehabilitation

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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

For people who want to recover from illness or injury as well as to resolve disability.

  • Service Fee It depends on the pathology program. And mental health
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Massage & Spa

It is a program for massage and spa treatment (Massage therapy) to restore the body. And mental health

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Skin care & Cosmetics

By skin analysis. To design a skinning program from the inside out with nutrition, vitamins and supplements. Cream and skin care